Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The clinch- fake and make them react right into your next move...

AM class


-fireman's carry from 2 on 1
-arm triangle from side control to n/s

-fireman's carry- set up from 2 on 1 or from russian armbar.
-arm triangle- clear nearside arm with leg from side control and push across face, insert arm around neck and lock up the triangle. pretty much a brabo choke, but with the nearside arm.


-standup- must fake opponent out and get them to react and do the opposite. example- fake a shot, they sprawl, you go to trip the leg that they load their weight on.
-general attitude- aggressive and dominant
-from 2 on 1- shoot the high-c and wrap the single leg
-from neck tie- pop up elbow and duck under
-from neck tie- thrash them with your forearm- repeatedly slam them with clothesline while you make them step
-push and pull! if you see them cross their feet- push them hard, they may trip
-to set up the shot- snap them down, they resist and stand straight up, you shoot in
-snap down- don't take a knee, just force the head down

-passing- didn't have as much energy today after training standup, but i need to be putting more pressure with the passes.
-passing- remember the jacare style hip switching
-passing- 101- force the knee through!
-passing- gotta work on the single leg on shoulder now

-side control escape- establish posture first, and then work the positions from there. must get to favorable position and avoid being flattened.

-half guard bottom- need to practice more, i get flattened a bit too much. need to threaten sweeps.

-half guard top- watch out for the bridge once i lock the crossface/underhook. i shouldn't get bridged into if i'm crossfacing correctly. they might be able to trap my underhook arm and take me over the other side, though.

-half guard top kimura- remember the secret trick to getting the arm isolated!

-side control- first instinct should be to replace guard if possible, that takes the least amount of energy. second instinct- underhook and come to knees. after that, all the bridge and rolls.

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