Friday, November 23, 2007

Ten Finger guillotine in action

PM no gi


-guillotine escape- re-guillotine
-n/s arm triangle


-omoplata- chop down with leg on their shoulder. setup- control same side wrist, frame head/shoulder and push head with other arm. push opposite foot off hip and spin out while chopping down on shoulder. lock it up and finish. (twister possibility from here lol)
-guillotine escape- standard escape- grab high crossface on shoulder. alternate escape- re-guillotine them and escape out to side. pass guard. possible to n/s guillotine them from here.
-n/s arm triangle- setup from clearing bottom arm- isolate arm between knee and elbow. throw arm over head and shoot deep to lat. finish it like n/s guillotine, or if they turn you can lock up the brabo. sprawl and walk towards their feet to finish.


-vs. mike s- he pulled half guard and started working on some foot locks or something. i eventually slid my knee partially over and he replaced half guard. i attacked guillotines and bent arm locks as he tried to sweep. eventually got reversed and recovered to guard. lots of the same for the rest of the match. need to work on top control.

-vs. chris- played the hand fighting/standing game. worked on combos- tried to get 2 on 1, arm drags, etc. had the strong neck tie. need to dominate clich more and work on setups to takedowns. the single leg is probably there very often, i just don't take it.

-vs. some huge guy- 100+ lb size difference, but it was interesting. he pulled guard, i passed, he bench pressed me off and fought from my guard, trying to smother me. he muscled out of everything i threw at him. eventually ended up on top and he muscled out again.

-vs. jordan- he shot and tried to ankle pick me, i fought from my open guard for a bit. he tried to pass a few ways, i replaced guard. he passed eventually and tried the arm triangle from today, but i maintained strong posture and escaped to my knees. eventually he shot again, and i sprawled back and ten finger guillotined him. the same thing happened again, and i put on the ten finger- he spinned and i let him rotate underneath me directly into a n/s guillotine for the tap. he shot a third time and i started the move and then transitioned to the RNC finish after he popped his head out.

-vs. alex- he pulled half guard and i kept trying to ten finger guillotine him. heard him gurgling a few times, but never finished it. managed to use it to float over his legs and into half guard. avoided the sweeps and x-guard, and nearly passed. settled for half guard. attacked the bent arm lock, guillotine, brabo, etc., but eventually caught him with a darce. he got hurt and then i rolled with little chris for a few mins.

-the ten finger guillotine is a great tool. need to work on the ten finger with arm-in.
-need to work on maintaining the top game. gotta work on half guard passing as well.
-hand fighting needs work also.

-overall, the defense is okay, but need to work on setting up takedowns.
-just need more practice and familiarity
-gotta stop the strong double leg takedowns
-gotta learn to finish the single leg

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