Thursday, November 22, 2007

Marcelo Garcia- guillotine notes


-lead with choking hand before snapping them down, but do it in a simultaneous movement
-elbows in tight, head in middle of chest, pressure on adam's apple. pulling grip up more than driving down with chest.
-from guard- throw opposite leg over, blocking arm from defending the choke
-from butterfly- use in combo with sweep- they defend sweep, attack choke once they base- or you can just sweep them over
-from side control- can finish when they turn into you- close the grip and switch base- reverse kesa gatame
-n/s- bottom hand- stuff inside so it' underhooking you. throw arm over deep, close grip, get hips low.
-combo to rnc- from standing- you catch the guillotine, they pop head out- you anticipate and spin around, shoot arm in for the RNC finish


need to figure out ten finger guillotine with arm inside.

must work on these two and master them.

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