Monday, November 19, 2007

Some sweep review

AM class

-hook sweep
-taking the back from hook sweep
-spider guard sweep from them on knees
-spider guard sweep from them standing

-hook sweep- go deep with the clinch and get to the side for maximum effectiveness
-taking the back- pass lapel to underhooked arm for maximum control. rock them up for the sweep and then control wrist and dive head under arm (like horizontal duck under). remove hook and rock them to take back.
-spider guard sweep- full tension on one side, remove hook on other side and kick out knee or use to block leg (like scissor sweep). stuff arm inside so they can't base and bring them diagonally with the extended leg.
-spider sweep from standing- they start to pass, you keep the hook on the side they are going. spin underneath and capture leg (like x-guard) and lift as you bring them over. can be done from either leg controlled, but it changes the angle of leverage you must apply.

-passing game is improving. the "pouring sand" model works well when they are trying to play open guards like x, butterfly, etc. must shift hips and pull into them while sprawling forward to tire them out and eventually pass.
-side mount escapes are getting better, but still need work.
-half guard recovery- better to just go to guard rather than try fancy sweeps, unless they suck.
-half guard- frame them up and don't let them settle weight. easier to recover if they don't establish.
-jacare high lapel control is good for gi standup.
-shooting- need to commit fully and follow through to the end. no backing out halfway, otherwise it won't work.
-new transition possibility- bow and arrow choke- if you miss the leg/can't grab it, keep the lapel and spin underneath them while triangling your legs.

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