Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Back attack

PM class

-ezekiel choke from back
triangle choke from back

-triangle- shoot for it if you're trying to trap arm and already have leg over shoulder. scoot back with free leg, lock it in tight and finish.

back drill-

-harness is critical. optional harness- grab under armpit through to opposite side lapel for some sort of control position until you can lock up something better.
-another harness- just lock harness over their arms and jam wrist/forearm into theirs to make it uncomfortable
-seemingly good defense- trap arm and bring head through to other side.
-best defense- fall to non-choking side, scoot and get head/shoulders on ground while getting legs beyond their hooks. elbow to the ground, turn to side control.

-ten finger guillotine is SO good.
-kimuras and bent arm locks are getting better
-half butterfly guard seems to be the best half guard option for me. can go to x-guard or at least keep some distance.

some reminders-
-bridge and roll side control escape.
-parallel theory vs. perpendicular
-"framing" them across the throat/shoulder with stiffarm in hip while hipping out.


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