Monday, December 17, 2007

Sweep drill

PM class

sweep drill


-game feeling very good from bottom. the grip fighting principles definitely helped me control my opponents from the guard. switching between various grips and pushing/pulling motions is very effective.

-grip 1+2- stretch out opponent like crazy- pull sleeve far across chest like a bow string

-"strumming the guitar"- very effective, takes opponent out of game. most likely some sweep options from that distraction

-new guard- de la riva/x guard variant?- like a reverse triangle half guard, but with opponent standing. hold pants cuff, not ankle (more effective vs. counter), pull opposite sleeve across and rock back for pendulum type sweep. ask ricardo in january.

-new guard passing focus- double pants toriani grip- going to work off here for a few months and develop options. this can combo back into the x-pass stance if i want to pass deeper. options- toriani, leg on shoulder, stack pass, 101 knee slide, jacare shoulder plant passes, etc.

-need to move on from 101 pass and master leg on shoulder pass. inevitably going to have to get good at triangle escapes also.

-new guard opener- bear hug guard opener- need to ask about it.

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