Saturday, December 8, 2007

Side Mount Escapes

SH training


-hand under foot trap to roll
-foot trap to back door escape on other side once the base
-foot trap to half guard recovery


-foot trap- tweak knee and make them roll
-step 2- they base, you underhook and grab over back to pants, push their upper thigh with your knee
-half guard recovery- trap foot and lift leg to slip in half guard, step on calf and walk up, forearm across hip to prevent getting smashed, other forearm in throat, sit up and take the over if possible

rolling notes-
-generally, it's not that my guard is getting passed, it's that i'm getting reversed from half guard or side control and ending up getting passed from there. gotta work on top game base to stay dominating.
-overall, doing very well, though.

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