Sunday, December 16, 2007

Roy Harris grip fighting workshop

grip 1-
"spiderman" grip- fold sleeve over and hold with middle and ring fingers primarily

can be used in combination with most of the other grips

grip 2-
fabric above elbow or below armpit

best used with grip 1

grip 3-
collar grip

rotate wrist to pressure on neck

use to make opponent "overshoot landing"- push and pull to mess with their balance

grip 4-

"strumming the guitar"

drive into opponent's collarbone with knuckles, they get distracted and you go back to 1+2 together

grip 5-
front belt grip

push into opponent's belt and pressure downwards.

or you can pull them into you.

combo push/pull

grip 6-
rear belt grip
can be used to push or pull

grip 7-
inside pants grip at knees

use to pass

toriani- plant opponent's feet on ground (like pushup- all weight on opponent's legs) and kill legs, walk around

or use to weave elbow underneath and drive elbow/knee to pass a number of ways

control opponent's hips- stack them up and pass, pull legs back and pass, go under legs, etc

grip 8-
inside cuff of pants grip- use to pass or prevent opponent from passing


specific moves-

-switch between grips 1+2, 3, 4
-from 1+2- kick out knee and sweep over, or kick out other knee and take back
-grip 7- use as one of primary passing control points.

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nae said...

i was so disappointed i didn't get to roll w/ the glass how did he feel? any sign of improvement? dude i totally forgot to try and bum some videos off of time!