Monday, October 22, 2007

Back control/escapes

PM class

early class

-back escape
-back escape when they have a choke on the lapel

-half back is good for maintaining the back control
-half back with no harness is much easier to escape than with harness
-you flat on back with them on top= their best escape option. must get to side or belly down. to side is the best spot to finish them.
-possible combo- half back (with locked arm) to triangle choke from guard, although a RNC would seem way easier
-possible twister from here

-the elbow to the floor is the difference between escaping and not escaping
-tend to the choke FIRST before worrying about escaping the hooks

-re-choking with the opposite arm is key once they defend well
-locking down an arm with a leg makes the job way easier
-distract them with the legs/hooks/arms to set up openings for the choke
-elbow rip if they defend the neck by crossing the arms over the chest with hands blocking throat
-switch between collar chokes and RNC- threaten both sides to overwhelm
-bow and arrow is the best collar choke by far.

-need to practice the marcelo harness bridge and re-take back
-the back harness is so essential. not as essential as hooks, but it's mad important.
-with gi, harness is harder to get once they're defending tightly
-when taking the back- harness before hooks. at least one hook, though, for the half back.
-if they turn to escape on open side, must keep your head on the outside of their head
-if you can't get over the shoulder harness, double underhook harness with gi grips is okay momentarily
-body triangle is good to stop the escape
-they escape with two hooks= mount is possible, they escape with one hook=half guard
-keep re-taking the back and spinning to sink hooks if you lose them

-relentlessness, strong control, and combo attacks are the key to dominating the back

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