Thursday, October 25, 2007

Saulo Ribiero- Freestyle Revolution- Escapes

double underhook escape
first reaction- don't try to pummel, they will take you down

step both feet back, lock overhooks

don't let them go hip to hip!

block hips with hand, hold head over ear, push to side, step back circle outside (like guard break)

all at the same time

double underhooks from behind

don't want to stay there forever- kimura is coming!
step inside on same side they're kimura'ing
hips down, drive low (elbow DOWN), take the leg, take them down
don't stay on back!
go against his angle

single leg on ground
crossface- against a good wrestler, they will keep going around and still take you down

put hips on shoulder
hand holds own leg (you have sem-overhook)
turn knee
turn to face them- get parallel
break grip, hand shoots to control

guillotine escape

first thing- hold the wrist

arm in guillotine- if they bring your elbow high, you get choked
bring arm low and base (can also block them from taking back)

walk towards the guillotine, drive head through, head up, control arm, sit diagonally, throw them over, turn and come to side control

another guillotine escape
you move and they follow
extend leg on side where they aren't guillotining (arm in side)
wrestler sit out (make sure you wrap the arm strong)

guillotine from guard

first reaction- protect your neck

drive forward, reach arm around to his back (shoulder heavy)
must angle your legs, turn your body
start to come around to the side
slide over and pass guard

once you go to side control- switch arm to other side of headd, go to n/s

arm in guillotine from guard
arm in side- swing arm back and drive shoulder to middle of chest- solar plexus
angle legs, start to come around and open guard
note- trapped arm blocks hip to prevent them from following you

best way to avoid guillotine- don't let them get it!
don't put your head to the side
stay in center

you need to make a mistake for them to get it

mount escape
submission wrestling- about your first reactions
the game is quick, you need to initiate the right sequence of moves

elbows tight to you- don't let them raise knees
don't grab double underhooks- all weight comes on to you
don't push- you'll get armlocked

don't stay flat- hip escape and TURN your body before they mount, elbow to ground
make frame, regain half guard, regain guard
tip- head stays on ground- don't let them wrap it up

back position- with hooks but without harness
elbows have to be inside!

scoop down and pull your elbows in (defend the neck!)
creates angle, space for escape

don't put weight on them like you do with gi

turn to guard

back escape with hooks and double underhook harness
scoop hips, fall to side
elbow to knee, clear the leg, turn to side control

certain angle- you have to go lower on the leg- below the knee line
otherwise they still have control

cross body
don't push, you give them too much

elbows in, hands protecting neck

starts with the BRIDGE

arm blocks the crossface

if they lift up the arm, don't follow- you allow them to establish cross-side

bump to create space, hip escape and replace guard or go turtle if they're blocking hip

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