Monday, October 29, 2007

The Great Escape

PM class


-self defense throw
-scissor sweep
-collar choke from guard

-scissor sweep- knee diagonally across, but when you're ready to sweep, it goes across the belt line. tension with the leg, like spider guard. pull them onto your leg and sweep 'em.
-collar choke- climb guard up and hips up to help finish.

-guard drill- try to just play top as much as possible.
-tripod sweep is golden.



-same side arm bar
-jacare lapel choke
-arm lock from n/s

-same side arm bar- turn them on side using leg and also shoulder
-lapel choke- tripod up prevents them from blocking you with the arm
-arm lock from n/s- scoop both arms like double underpass to get it tight.

-half guard bottom- paragon guard is a good last ditch effort
-101 pass is money. that's the first step in the pass sequence.
-101 pass counter- hip escape out and replace open guard
-x-pass is very good. nice addition to the arsenal.
-gotta work the negative x-pass
-bent armlock setup- using shoulders/head/pulling on elbows, etc. to get in position!
-de la riva breaker is great
-back control to straight arm lock is a good setup
-side control- reverse kesa gatame- requires you to get their arms up high using elbow and hips to back them up. otherwise they can lock out arms potentially escape.
-passing philosophy- against certain people, you know you may have to try a few passes. don't fully commit to first pass or so, just use it as a jab to fake them out and go the other direction.

-side control escape- get on side and isolate crossface arm (2 on 1), lock out arms if needed. dive under that arm at the right moment and grab lat across back. replace guard and sweep over to mount like hip bump. if their weight is committed over your head, you can also just push them in the armpit and bridge over.

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