Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Pass flow development

current pathway-

from open guard-

-toriani/toriani variant
-101 (with slight elbow underhook at knee)
-(scissor pass option)
-opposite side single leg on shoulder (around hip) (shin blocking opposite leg)
-(double underpass option)
-step-over shoulder plant option off of double underpass
-leg on shoulder (around hip)(shin still stepped over opposite leg)
-leg on shoulder (around cross shoulder)
-(super stack option)
-opposite side shoulder plant bridge pass
-opposite side single leg on shoulder (more whip around/shoulder drive than stacking pressure)


general philosophy-
always be one step ahead
"pour into them like sand"
fluid attitude
constant pressure
awareness of possibilities in each position
taking away their movement options

pants grip- hand grips on inside knee
shutting down one side- elbow/knee together
shutting down hips

hips low
arms tight- t-rex arms
back straight, not slumped

driving pressure with forward knee
pressure with legs rather than arms
sprawl hips low

awareness of attacks
awareness of sweeps

attacking from an angle- not squared up
switching sides
switching base
going against their momentum
staying TIGHT
using shoulders/hips/torso to take out defense

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