Friday, October 19, 2007

Kimura Details- half guard top

PM class- No Gi

-half guard pass- 101
-half guard straight arm bar
-half guard pass- capoeira pass
-half guard top- kimura


-101- plant head, tripod up high, slide knee through, use free foot to push on triangle and get foot loose

-101- heavy pressure with the crossface/underhook- try and "suck them up" and draw them into you like from side control

-half guard straight arm bar defense- possible to go into paragon half guard if you recognize it and time it correctly

-half guard capoeria pass counter- block leg with top leg and prevent it from coming back. when they are here, they are vulnerable to being swept.

-half guard capoeria pass counter counter- sit on thigh before you kick over

-half guard capoera pass counter counter- as they open up half guard to block your leg from coming over, slide other leg through across the middle (like 101)

-half guard top kimura- they underhook, you flatten then and then turn to face legs. get on top of elbow/wrist part of underhook to kill it's effectiveness. lock up kimura. more leverage if you scoot your hip back and sit on their chest/sternum. possible straight arm lock depending how they react. to finish the kimura, you must switch your base and bend arm and pull it underneath them, bringing their shoulder off the mat.


-the bf guard approach works incredibly well

-neck tie is where it's at! work from neck tie w/ wrist control to set up so many things. snap 'em down, attack front turtle, arm drag, take the back, set up sweeps, etc.

-hand fighting- must work on it. this is critical from the neck tie setup.

-passing- must flow between passes and go against their momentum.

-need to work on that marcelo half guard pass.

-if i get the back with an arm trapped underneath, i can spin to triangle. wear them down first with heavy hip pressure and plenty of face smashing. threaten the arm lock on that arm. gotta think outside the box.

-must master the ten finger guillotine.

-must master the darce choke. been in position a bunch of times but lost it cuz i was adjusting that jeff glover grip and didnt have it exact.

-need to work on x-guard setups again. must revisit soon.

-the game changes a lot in no gi. need to find a balance where i don't switch my style so much.

-passing to half guard is really where it's at. i can only pass someone's guard fully if i'm a lot better than them, and in that case, i don't need to worry about it.

-on that note, tight, smashing passes are critical!

-the guillotine counter where i try and bf sweep them over my head can potentially end up with me hanging myself! possibly have to rethink it.

-i'm improving very quickly. small milestones today, like dominating people incrementally more each week, getting someone's back and almost tapping them, and a lot more fluid movement.

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