Sunday, October 28, 2007

Jacare guard pass

Jacare guard pass

He does this one quite a bit. There's a lot of elements to this pass that are similar to Saulo's "negative x-pass."

The grips are different, though. The opponent has a cross sleeve grip, and Jacare re-grips the collar on that side. With his free hand, he controls the knee on the side he is going to pass to (side with opponent's arm occupied with your sleeve grip).

On second viewing, I realize that the grip is almost the same as Saulo's x-pass grip. Hand #1 grips the lapel on the opposite side collar (rather than the same side collar), and hand #2 grips the opponent's knee on the same side (rather than near the foot). After I learn the x-pass decently, I'd like to master this one as well.


From the first section of the video- Jacare passing-
If the opponent has normal open guard with their leg outside yours, you post up on your leg, shift your hips and push the knee down, jump over the knee, shift your hips once you pass, and prevent opponent from turning by pressuring with the collar grip/your body.

From the second section of the video- Jacare on bottom-
If the opponent has de la riva guard with outside and inside hook control, you post the leg (pointing your toe out) and drop your knee underneath their knee line and then follow through with the other foot.

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nae said...

gotta give props on this one too bro...been watching x-pass for the last 2 days and i'm dying to drill it. hopefully tonight and when i see you saturday morning.